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Housing and Growth

I believe in thoughtfully planned, strategic growth to meet our community goals. In California, I witnessed first-hand the impacts of rapid and large-scale development without adequate planning. The strategic growth I envision includes  a variety of housing types that meet the needs of people in all stages of life and are affordable for low, moderate, and middle-income households.

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Public Health & Safety

Public health and safety is paramount for a thriving community. We must expand on the resources and support necessary to keep our neighborhoods, our public spaces, our business districts, residents, and visitors safe. I fully support the collaboration between the community and our public safety officials in developing the Police Department Master Plan.

Bus Station

I believe we need to keep growing a robust and sustainable multi-modal transportation system in Boulder. I support a safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation network in Boulder and believe we can increase ridership by expanding the Eco Pass program. I support expansion of our bike infrastructure, including adding more lanes and widening existing lanes where necessary.  I support the Vision Zero efforts that are on-going in Boulder.

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Open Space

Boulder’s commitment to Open Space is the foundation of our community. We must preserve, protect, and maintain the health and vibrancy of our open spaces for their natural beauty and the recreational uses they provide.

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I support the City’s camping ban, but it must be paired with robust services, including improved behavioral and mental health support and a long-term strategy, including county, regional, and state collaboration, to address the unhoused crisis. 


Boulder must continue to make progress in energy conservation and the use of renewable, clean energy. We must reduce carbon emissions and support carbon sequestration. I encourage community programs and education that promote waste reduction, pollution control, and the use of alternative modes of transportation.

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Economic Vitality

In order for Boulder to thrive as a healthy economy and improve the quality of life in our community, we must continue to support our local businesses to enable them to maximize their economic potential.

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Arts & Culture

Boulder must continue to support our local art and heritage programs.  Local theaters, libraries, museums, music forums and art studios create an environment that unites people of all backgrounds through the shared experience of arts and culture. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

A united community supports the well-being of all its citizens. We must create an open and welcoming community in which people from all backgrounds feel accepted and valued.