Open Space

Boulder’s commitment to Open Space is the foundation of our community.

We must preserve and protect the health and vibrancy of Boulder’s open spaces. 

I grew up surfing the beaches of Southern California. The ocean was my childhood playground. This was my native Open Space. The ocean taught me to cherish, appreciate, and respect life outdoors. As an adult, the ocean provided me mental tranquility and allowed me an escape mechanism from the stressors of daily life. I never thought I’d leave the ocean.


​I can now say that I do not think I’ll ever leave the mountains. As an avid runner, I spend a lot of time exploring the trails along the Front Range. There is nothing more peaceful to me than running on a single-track, tree-covered mountain trail, particularly following a heavy snowfall and hearing the crunch of the snow underneath my feet – this is when I feel most connected with Mother Nature.


​I believe it is Boulder’s legacy of preserving and maintaining it’s over 46,000 acres of ecologically rich open spaces that is the foundation of our community. It is the beauty and expansiveness of Boulder’s Open Space that attracted my family to move to Boulder and it is the Open Space that inspired us to make Boulder our permanent home. Moving to Boulder from the congested, over-developed, and fast-paced life of Southern California I discovered how impactful and important preserving and maintaining open space is to me personally and to the community at large. I believe Boulder’s Open Space contributes to a healthy and well-balanced mind, body, and spirit that enables one to feel grounded and connected to nature.


We are all aligned through our connection with and enjoyment of open spaces. We are also compelled to protect it. I believe it is imperative that we do all we can to preserve and protect the health and vibrancy of Boulder’s Open Space. If elected, I will take a thoughtful and deliberative approach towards balancing responsible use of Open Space with maintenance to prevent degradation of our trials and preservation and restoration to sustain Boulder’s ecologically rich habitat systems. I support adequate funding for required maintenance of our Open Space now that less acreage is available for acquisition. We must continue to care for and maintain the open spaces we have.


I will support and encourage environmental education/outreach programs that include under-represented populations and youth so that Boulder’s legacy of Open Space conservation is passed on to future generations from all walks of life.


I want to make every visit to our Open Space an enjoyable and learning experience. The more inspired Open Space users are, the more likely they become good stewards in preserving our open spaces. I want our Open Space to feel welcoming and safe to everyone in our diverse community.

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