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Boulder City Council candidate: Michael Christy

Deborah Swearingen


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Michael Christy is vying for one of the vacant seats on the Boulder City Council.

Christy is a more recent Boulder resident, having moved to town in 2018. Upon moving to the city, however, Christy said he began to get involved pretty quickly. He volunteered at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and with Boulder’s Community Mediation and Resolution Center. Most recently, he’s served as a member of the city’s Cannabis Licensing and Advisory Board.

As a family law lawyer by trade, who for years helped couples through divorces, Christy argues he could help bring City Council members and the community together.

“Given my experience in that arena, I feel like I have sort of a unique skillset to help people find common ground who often have very divergent, opposing view

s on issues,” he said.

While he said he does not have answers to every challenge the city faces, he believes he could add value to the conversation about solutions. ...

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