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Editorial: Boulder City Council picks from A to Z

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Character matters, and Michael Christy showed his during his time spent in the military and after. In 2002, three weeks out from finishing his time with the U.S. Air Force, Christy’s commanders decided to reward him with a new deployment at Ahmad al-Jaber Air Base in Kuwait. While most of us would unravel at the injustice done to us, Christy instead threw up his hand when two soldiers were needed to go to Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base just outside Kabul. “I felt that it was selfish, to some extent, to have someone forward-deploy into Afghanistan who had a family (with kids). I did not believe my life was less important, but I did not have the familial responsibilities the others had. So, I told my commander I would go. I was scared to death, but it was an incredible experience.”

In civilian life, Christy grew disillusioned practicing for a big San Francisco firm and started doing pro bono work to help clients largely in cases of domestic violence.

Also endearing is how Christy dug right into community work when he came to Boulder in 2018 by volunteering with the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Boulder’s Community Mediation and Resolution Center, where he lent strong expertise and vast experience from previous years of practicing family law. Christy also served on the city’s Cannabis Licensing and Advisory Board.

Christy has done his duty and worked in the trenches quite literally, and he now wants to join Council; we like and support that goal.

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