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Elephant Endorsements: Boulder City Council. Who do you support, & why?

Waylon Lewis


Published in the Elephant Journal

Just met with Michael Christy, and his dog Charlie—Redford, at 14, and I joined them for a hike up and down Sanitas, this morning.

Along with Matt, Mark, Lauren, might be one of the few candidates who should appeal to Boulder values of equity, affordability, climate crisis *and* be able to address problems/failings in Boulder on those values beyond the rather strident slates. He’s a good guy, a genuine, kind, caring, smart, sharp, deeply decent guy, and I’m proud to endorse him. He’ll be great for Boulder, whatever side of the fence we’re on.

He’s probably one of the few candidates who can really bring folks together. He’s actively caring, volunteers with houseless, will be good on bike lanes and climate crisis and affordability, all, I believe. A vote for these crossover not-fully-slated candidates could really make a difference—there’s some pretty vitriolic not-kind politickin’ goin’ on, all good people but wow some real nastiness going on (because folks care and things are urgent, and bad in some areas like climate and affordability, equity) in our dear, troubled, challenged, wonderful town.

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