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Letters to the Editor: Christy, Rosenblum, Wallach, and Winer: For real-world limits

Joshua Harrison


Daily Camera

In this election, I’m voting in favor of practical and effective government based on the acknowledgment that our resources are limited. I’m voting for Michael Christy, Steve Rosenblum, Mark Wallach, and Tara Winer.

Often, campaigning candidates will offer everything to everyone, without regard for real-world limits. Many will also hide from the unintended consequences of overly simplistic solutions to complicated city problems. In an attempt to be everything to everyone, they are dishonest about what can actually be accomplished.

Michael, Steve, Mark, and Tara are not these candidates. They have answered consistently and honestly on tough topics such as CU South and homelessness. These candidates have a strong grasp of realistic budgetary restrictions and do not simply say yes to every good idea. Michael and Steve directly addressed funding restrictions in their excellent Oct. 13 Letter to the Editor, “Forward thinking on encampments.”

Beyond a willingness to act practically and responsibly, these candidates know that under the constraints of a city budget, open discussion and compromise is necessary. In an ever more divisive political culture, I’ve seen Michael, Steve, Mark, and Tara evolve throughout this campaign, listening to disagreement and incorporating new perspectives. It’s not necessarily that they have changed their positions, but that they demonstrate that they are hearing the concerns of residents and attempting to find compromises. Even before being elected to council. Mark Wallach, the only incumbent, has already demonstrated his ability to listen and analyze all sides of an issue before coming to a final conclusion. He has proven to not be driven by immutable ideology.

I urge you to also vote for Michael Christy, Steve Rosenblum, Mark Wallach, and Tara Winer.

Joshua Harrison


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