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Letters to the editor: Jackie and Nicko van Someren: Michael Christy: He has the highest integrity

Jackie and Nicko van Someren


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Jackie and Nicko van Someren: Michael Christy: He has the highest integrity

We wholeheartedly support Michael Christy for Boulder City Council. Having known Michael for 16 years, we can attest to the qualities that make him ideal for Council. He is a person of the highest integrity; a collaborative leader and community builder; a husband, father, volunteer, attorney, cyclist and runner.

Michael’s thoughtful approach to finding solutions allows room for all voices, not just the loudest. As a mediator, he listens to all sides of complex arguments and helps people find consensus. His ability to differentiate fact from opinion and evaluate alternatives without bias was behind an invitation to return to California to become a judge, a role he declined because Boulder is where his family, home and heart are.

A former JAG officer, Michael demonstrates his desire to make a difference through action. He volunteers with Boulder’s Shelter for the Homeless, Community Mediation and Resolution Center and Cannabis Licensing Board. Whenever needed, he jumps in to help.

Boulder’s challenges require leaders who unite rather than divide, who respect all opinions, not just those they agree with. Michael possesses the humility and integrity to be an inclusive and collaborative member at the table.

For a truly Better Boulder, vote for Michael.

Jackie and Nicko van Someren


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