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Letters to the Editor: Jason Adams: Michael Christy: He takes time to listen

Jason Adams


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Jason Adams: Michael Christy: He takes time to listen

Michael Christy is running for City Council because he cares deeply about the community! It’s that simple. The benefit to all of us as Boulder community members, is he’s uniquely qualified to do this. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to get to know Michael and his family on a personal and professional level during the past several years. Michael’s time in the U.S. Navy as a lawyer as well as his work as a family lawyer and mediator will be tremendously beneficial in negotiating solutions to the myriad problems the Council faces. Michael does not view compromise as a negative and it’s important to have people willing to sit down with people and/or groups with opposing views. When Michael announced his candidacy and although he is a friend, I sent to him a lengthy email with a list of questions about issues that are important to me and to my family. He answered these questions thoughtfully and succinctly, two things quite rare in most politicians! Michal listens to opposing views and looks for real, tangible, common sense solutions to problems. Our community would greatly benefit from having MIchael Christy on City Council.

Jason Adams


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