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Letters to the Editor: Wallach, Christy, Rosenblum, Winer: Ensuring our safety

Updated: Oct 29

Joelle Rossback


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Government’s primary goal is to protect the public health and safety of its citizens. At a time of rising crime rates, we need leaders who will ensure our safety by restoring funding to our depleted police force – down more than 40 officers over the past year — while proceeding with needed reform of police practices to ensure public safety for all our community’s residents.

That’s why I am supporting four City Council candidates who support these goals and propose policies to attain them: Mark Wallach, Michael Christy, Steve Rosenblum, and Tara Winer.

These four candidates agree that our large population of unhoused individuals is by no means the sole source of criminality in Boulder. However, according to Boulder Police Department data, this minority population commits a significant portion of crimes in our community — notably thefts of bicycles, autos and catalytic converters — as well as abusive behavior and even assault against rec path users as they pass by numerous encampments of transients. Regardless, these candidates also agree on the need to improve services tailored to Boulder’s homeless population.

While supporting the camping ban as a way of improving public health and safety, all four candidates recognize the complexity of causes leading individuals into homelessness and propose a compassionate approach to addressing the problem, including improved access to mental-health and drug-treatment facilities.

Joelle Rossback


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