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Letters to the editor: Christy, Winer, Wallach, and Rosenblum: Keeping it local

Updated: Oct 29

Kathleen Hancock


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Kathleen Hancock: Christy, Winer, Wallach, and Rosenblum: Keeping it local

Many of us want to be part of something bigger than ourselves; we want to connect with national movements. That’s admirable. But we must recognize what is unique about our city. We have the Blue Line, vast open spaces, height limits that keep visible the iconic Flatirons and surrounding foothills, creeks running through our city, established neighborhoods with streets that can handle only so much traffic, and extensive bike paths for commuting, exercise, and casual family rides. Our unique city cannot jump on a national bandwagon and expect to truly better Boulder. We need Boulder solutions for Boulder problems. Four candidates for City Council get it: Michael Christy, Tara Winer, Mark Wallach, and Steve Rosenblum. They are not looking to implement policies just so they can be part of a national movement. They want to solve our problems without creating negative outcomes. They want to make Boulder better while keeping it beautiful and safe. And they have the credentials, analytical skills, and open-mindedness to do it. That earns my vote!

Kathleen Hancock


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