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Letters to the editor: Kim Bixel: City Council: A vote for good listeners

Kim Bixel


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Kim Bixel: City Council: A vote for good listeners

I fully, wholeheartedly endorse and support Michael Christy, Steve Rosenblum, Mark Wallach and Tara Winer for City Council in the upcoming election (And Jacques Decalo, if I had to choose five). All the issues Boulder faces are complicated, with many variables: there are no single, simple correct answers. I believe Steve, Michael, Mark, Tara and Jacques represent the candidates who will actually listen and consider all relevant information BEFORE making their decision.

This is going to be the critical attribute to navigating our community through its complex issues ahead. While I am impressed by the other candidates, they are singularly focused on their own preconceived ideas about how things should be, are closed to any other opinion and are reticent to incorporate information different to their own viewpoint into their decision-making processes. They are stuck in their own ‘silo’ when this is a whole village.

Kim Bixel


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