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Letters to the Editor: Michael Christy: Heart and pragmatism

Michael Block


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Please consider supporting Michael Christy for Boulder City Council. I have known Mike since he and his wife first brought their family to Boulder, and along the way, during long runs and longer rides, I learned that he is the kind of person who can bring both the emotion we find in our hearts and intersect it with the pragmatism that any City Council person needs in order to address the serious issue’s we face in the coming years.

Defined by traits like kindness, curiosity, compassion, intellect, reason, hard work and service, Mike is not only the person who can find the elusive sweet spot and create coalitions around difficult problems, but is also the person who is capable of making the difficult decision when faced with tough, sometimes heartbreaking choices. Whether it’s regarding climate change, transportation, public safety, affordable housing, and even homelessness, I know we can count on Mike to do his homework, consider multiple perspectives, focus on effectiveness, position himself appropriately around complex issues and move us all forward together. Please take a few moments to learn more about Mike, his approach and his positions. Hopefully, you too will agree that he is just the kind of person who can reflect our passions and values on City Council.

Michael Block


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