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Letters to the Editor: Nancy Travis: Building on Boulder’s legacy

Nancy Travis


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Nancy Travis: Christy, Rosenblum, Wallach and Winer: Building on Boulder’s legacy

As a voter who is passionate about what is best for our city, the obvious candidates to meet the many challenges we face are Michael Christy, Steve Rosenblum, Mark Wallach and Tara Winer. Each of these candidates has shown through their extensive community involvement and wide-ranging work and volunteer experience that they are independent thinkers who will seek out the research to learn from the successes and failures of other cities. Vote for these four candidates if you want council members who:

1) Will create housing solutions for those priced out of the Boulder market, while protecting the integrity of our neighborhoods. 2) Support Boulder’s Housing First and other innovative policies that provide solutions for Boulder’s homeless individuals and families. 3) Believe Boulder’s rising crime rate (burglary up 29%, assault up 26%, motor vehicle theft up 78%) is a serious problem. 4) Will work to keep our community safe by supporting the new Police Chief’s reform agenda and giving her the resources to build back our police force from its loss of 42 officers during the pandemic (not reduce police resources as many other candidates said they would.) 5) Will dig into the research, listen to the community and develop creative solutions to take strong initiatives on climate action goals. 6) Will protect and strengthen our Open Space and Mountain Parks system.

These candidates have the heart, dedication, and vision to address Boulder’s problems, plan for its future, while understanding and building on our legacy that makes Boulder the unique city it is. Join me in voting for Michael Christy, Steve Rosenblum, Tara Winer and Mark Wallach. Our future depends on it.

Nancy Travis


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