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Letters to the editor: Paul Cure: Election time: Heading for disaster

Paul Cure


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Paul Cure: Election time: Heading for disaster

It is a timeworn adage that the battle lines of behavior are dictated by the sharpness of the arrows that are thrown or as Sean Connery’s Malone in The Untouchables said, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.”

If the behavior of late with regards to our town’s municipal election is an indication of our seething resentments towards each other, we may be heading towards nuclear fallout come November.

What is clearly evident is a growing exasperation both on the part of the electors and the candidates. It takes a heavy cup to believe that acts of malfeasance via phony websites and callous endeavors to sway public opinion would go unnoticed and without rebuke.

We live in a civil society, or we aspire to. Debate is the ring in which ideas are shown their merit and their faults. When the pugilist leaves the arena and begins loading the judges deck the debate becomes a farce, yet the only ones truly damaged are the crowd.

As Councilman Mark Wallach noted recently in his wise op-ed, “Stop the Madness,” we council candidates last election signed an agreement to hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct, which would show each other and the electorate that we all deserve a respectable election that allows for disagreements and not disrepute.

The best interest of all is served when truth is the standard, responsibility owned and honor (what a concept!) upheld. We do owe each other as citizens of the great Republic a modicum of respect.

Though the idiom can be said that if you want a friend in politics you should buy a dog, we need to own our actions and be our better selves, the ones who elect their representatives deserve this.

Paul Cure


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