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Letters to the Editor: Ready to confront climate change

Steve Whitaker, Crystal Gray, Shirley Jin, Lisa Morzel, Brad D. Segal, Alison Burchell, Mary Pettigrew, Susan Osborne


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We have been involved in Boulder’s Climate Action initiatives for over 20 years with groups including Renewables YES, Clean Energy Action, Empower Our Future (EOF), or as former members of City Council.

At the EOF Candidate Forum all concurred that we need to take action on the climate crisis, but we were ultimately most impressed by those who bring skills and outlined how they will do so.

David Takahashi converted his Martin Acres tract house into a net-zero carbon showcase, eliminating the use of fossil gas. David will advocate for energy storage, renewable-electrification of new buildings and has been tracking the franchise agreement with Xcel and will keep close watch.

Jacques Decalo was born in Boulder, studied environmental sciences and economics and he worked in the hemp industry and understands the future it will play in affordable carbon reduction. He works for a solar/battery/electric car company.

Michael Christy will provide an important leadership role on council for energy and climate issues. Michael has a law practice based on mediation and recognizes the importance of listening to all voices and values government transparency. He is committed to implementing climate programs that are well-conceived, equitable and accessible.

Tara Winer has experience serving on the Parks Board and familiarity with public-infrastructure and sustainability upgrades. She understands the importance of our urban tree canopy as well as all our open-space as critical nature-based solutions for direct cooling and long-term carbon reduction.

Steve Rosenblum has a background in finance and experience in working with cities on affordable housing and costs associated with our energy and transportation footprints. He brings both public accountability and support for climate decisions ahead.

Let’s make this council change one that combats climate change – our/the planet’s biggest threat.

Steve Whitaker, Crystal Gray, Shirley Jin, Lisa Morzel, Brad D. Segal, Jacques DeCalo, Mary Pettigrew, Susan Osborne


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