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Letters to the Editor: Sonja Seitamo: Christy, Winer, Rosenblum and Wallach: Attuned to reality

Sonja Seitamo


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Sonja Seitamo: Christy, Winer, Rosenblum and Wallach: Attuned to reality

Few problems affecting our community can be solved with a simple slogan or a single, sweeping policy change. Housing and growth are two such areas that require consideration of the causes of current problems and the myriad impacts policy changes will have on the city at large.

Among the candidates who are vying for the five open seats on the City Council this fall, four strike me as especially attuned to this reality – Michael Christy, Tara Winer, Steve Rosenblum, and Mark Wallach. They are thoughtful and caring and have realistic strategies to support Boulder‘s growth and challenges. Mark espouses smart growth, not simply by densifying residential units but by doing so while protecting current building-height limits and the open space that has made Boulder the envy of cities around the country. Tara and Steve speak of increasing the supply of affordable housing in less-developed parts of the city, like abandoned parking lots, old shopping centers and undeveloped transit corridors. Michael calls for careful planning for strategic growth that avoids the pitfalls of rapid overdevelopment he witnessed in California and focuses on the housing needs of low- to middle-income people of all ages.

All these approaches are aimed at prompting an open-minded examination of the development pressures Boulder currently faces and opening a civil, fact based, intelligent conversation about steps to improve housing affordability and access in our community while preserving Boulder’s neighborhoods and open space.

Sonja Seitamo


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