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Letters to the Editor: Winer, Rosenblum, Christy and Wallach: If you care about climate change

Bill Jellick


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For all the attention we’re paying to local issues in this fall’s election campaign, climate change stands like the proverbial elephant in the living room of urgent matters our leaders must help us address.

I say “help us” address because avoiding catastrophic warming, and the apocalyptic trio of drought, floods and fire that accompany it, will require us all to make difficult changes in the way we live.

Identifying these changes, educating us about the implications of our choices, and helping us reduce our carbon footprints is the job of our community leaders, and here I return to the importance of the upcoming elections for City Council.

Tara Winer, Steve Rosenblum, Michael Christy, and Mark Wallach all place issues affecting the climate at the top of their agendas: holding Xcel’s feet to the fire to achieve the promised shift to renewable energy they agreed to in 2020; protecting our open space, key to protecting our natural resources and holding down carbon emissions; finding opportunities to increase affordable middle-income housing and thus reduce the daily in-commuting of 60,000 vehicles that pollute the air and raise carbon emissions; making progress in energy conservation, waste reduction, alternative modes of transportation; and supporting Boulder’s 70% emissions-reduction goal by 2030, and by 2040 consuming more carbon than we emit into the atmosphere.

Achieving these vital climate goals will require special attributes that Tara, Steve, Michael, and Mark all possess: the ability to analyze complex scientific phenomena, the desire to educate the community about its vital role in the process, and a willingness to debate and collaborate with other leaders to achieve workable climate policies.

Bill Jellick


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