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Yellow Scene Endorses Michael Christy

Laurenz Busch


Published in Yellow Scene Magazine

Michael Christy (Endorsed)

Background: Family lawyer by trade, Air Force Veteran, deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan shortly after 9/11, certified mediator and collaborative law lawyer. Serving on the Cannabis Licensing and Advisory Board for City Council

Infrastructure and Transportation: I would eventually like to see Boulder and our neighboring cities create their own regional electric bus transit system. Within the city, I’d like to see improvements on the biking infrastructure. There is a need for having safer biking paths [and] more north to south biking corridors.

Housing: I don’t think by just increasing supply you’re going to reduce cost. Let’s look at rezoning some of the older dilapidated strip malls around town, for mixed commercial housing use and provide a wide range of housing options for people at all stages of their life.

Economic Growth: People cannot afford to live here, so instead of commuting into Boulder they are trying to obtain work where they live. [Continue to] provide affordable housing for workers, continue to support local businesses. I also think public safety is an issue for our businesses.

DEI: There are obstacles in place that don’t make it easy for people to get involved and proportionately those tend to be people of underrepresented communities. There needs to be more outreach into underrepresented communities. There’s a lot more we can do than just creating a racial equity plan.

Final Remarks: I don’t pretend to have all of the answers but I do believe that given my background and my experiences that I can add value to the conversations around the issues that we’re facing.

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